Nothing exists so formulaic in the exciting unpredictable world of sports. But, when it comes to the cockpit of football lovers then few names are unanimously in the forefront. With 32 national teams measuring up from 5 different confederations for this international mega joust, this has been the first ever world cup to be held in Eastern Europe. But, it seems that the stadium venue at European Russia has not welcomed the renowned players with that optimistic grace. The top-level footballers like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Sergio and others have inexplicably failed to add feathers to their country’s caps this year.

The most gloomed highlight of FIFA 2018 was that Messi and Ronaldo were both knocked out with an almighty headlong on the same night. Expectations were definitely immense from both to perform, with Ronaldo arriving off the back of yet another Union of European Football Associations Champions League win, and Messi having starred in Barcelona’s La Liga ascendancy. Another, frosted limelight was Cavani’s opener from a superb Luiz Suarez cross who put La Celeste in driving seat, enabling them to sit back and cram the Portuguese encumbrance. Russia also defeated Spain on penalties to earn victory after the inaugural shootout of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The round of sixteen presented an obscure silver-lined yearning to the fans through the performances of France, Brazil, Russia, Belgium and England. Eventually, the quarter finals kept the pace a spine-tingling one with the matches between Uruguay-France, Brazil-Belgium, Sweden-England and Russia-Croatia. But, keeping all the highs and lows aside, the semi-finals changed the entire scenario into something completely unbelievable. France won the match against Belgium by 1-0 where on the contrary, Croatia emerged as one of the most unpredictable triumphant team defeating England by 2-1.

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The total of 64 matches have created a history for Moscow itself as well as for the viewers of such an iconic tournament globally. The third-place play-off between Belgium and England was a breath-taking meet on last Saturday, which gave Belgium the betrothing lead to the 21st FIFA. Veterans from the sportive prowess had predicted the finals on 15th July, Sunday at the Luzhniki Stadium to be in the hands of France. And, all the way long through this complete amazement, France has beautifully led up to the expectations. Though, Croatia has slayed the tournament with all its extraordinary moves but, it was definitely an inexplicable splendid effort from the preeminent team of France to grab the FIFA World Cup 2018. If Croatia would have successfully snatched the tag from the ex-champion, the Germany national football team then, surely for the next four consecutive years, throwbacks from this season would have always set an unforeseen exemplary for success high on kicks.

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