We are a nation where apparently the traditions are given more importance than any thing else. We stick to our traditional values so much that we might lose sense of direction and purpose even if we try to detach ourselves from these values. Apart from their traditional beliefs, the Indians religiously rely on the Indian Cinema to tell them as to how they should lead their life. Bollywood is an amazing tool in India to bring about a stir in the public for an issue that might not even matter. And for the issues that actually do matter, bollywood might make most of the Indian audience obsessed with it for a long period of time.

Recently, the Veerey Di Wedding actor, Swara Bhaskar, gathered a lot of attention for her masturbation scene in the movie. The much talked about movie was not be able to gather the right amount of appreciation from the critics however it gathered a lot of criticism for all the wrong reasons. A tweet which brought the topic in the limelight was a person talking about how embarrassed she was to take her grandmother to watch the movie. Her grandmother was apparently ashamed of the movie and remarked on being a hindustani. Obviously, we hindustanis keep our culture and tradition very close to our hearts. So close that we are ready to jeopardize the security of the women of the country but we are not ready to talk about her sexual  desires. There was an obvious support and sympathy towards the grandmother and the same tweet was shared by a bunch of people. A small bunch of people came for the support of the actor while Swara took a stand for herself on this issue. The heart warming support from Swara’s mother is what should be talked about here. I believe she is the the one asking real questions out there. After all nobody talks about women having sexual desires in India. Women in India are obviously not supposed to talk about sexual desires, let alone having them.

India might not peak at any other thing but has really peaked in hypocrisy. Men having desires is not only justified but is also their trademark whereas women having sexual desires is not only questionable but is also treated as something unusual. Here, it is not only about a scene in a movie, it is about why did it grab such criticism and why was it treated as something so unusual a thing. It’s high time women are not marginalized and it’s high time we normalize the fact they are capable of being sexually driven as well.


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