Hair and skin, looks and locks, from simple to the complex make up hacks and a blend of other multiple things, a beauty blogger serves it all on a platter of incredibility and freshness. Who wants to look boring? Who wants to cry around with a bad hair day and a not so glowing clear skin? In fact, no one! Everyone is chasing a celebrity and glamourized version of oneself contributing to more and more awe-inspiring beauty trends. The world of vogue is full of people with creative minds and magic in their hands to give away the new and the happiness. On scouring Instagram, the fresh faces who are deliberately experimenting with beauty are a must watch to grab the best out of everything this year. These folks are the latest trendsetters giving us the craziest and health-oriented beauty goals –

  1. Sarah Feingold – She has been despicably ventured into the beauty premise after commenters on her social media profile would not stop asking the secrets behind her flawless skin. She is a firm help box suggesting the best of the best from grills, to colourful eyeshadows and odes to mask treatments.

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  2. Reuben De Maid – This 12-year old beauty blogger with Kim Kardashian West’s seal of approval, is breaking all the bars through his exclusive tutorials. He is shining high with a bright future to be enlivened with by even appearing on ‘Ellen’ and sending a number of beauty products to test for his own channel.
  3. Ciera Mi Lunasa – Her tutorials are able enough to get your lock game well. She is the idol for all the curly haired viewers as her curly hairstyles and wonderful experiments with wigs are countless. Being a vegan-based nutritionist, she also offers insight into fitness and eating habits.

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  4. Valeria Lipovetsky – A beautiful soul, a down-to-earth model who can literally teach you how to look like one yourself; the name that strikes the present beauty blogging scenario is Lipovetsky. As a holistic nutritionist too, she puts the healthy model diet video in frames accompanied with other makeup tutorials, say, a soft nude eye tutorial.

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  5. Jude Chao – Recognised as a skincare and K-beauty blogger, a snail cast podcaster and the W2 beauty editor at large, Chao successfully runs her personal blog Fiddy Snails. She outlines her various product routines along with products a customer can purchase to accumulate a large audience and create the magic.
  6. Catherine Martinez – She is the fresh face indulged heavily in welcoming inclusivity to the YouTube beauty world. She has recently created the ASL beauty tutorials designed in sign language to dedicatedly serve a community that is not always served in the beauty world sincerely.
  7. Freckled Hijabi – She is a tremendously talented artist who exclusively matches her makeup and clothing to her art. She is an honest guide to skincare and breakouts. A cool unfiltered look into her art and beauty routines will make you closer to a splendid beauty insight always.

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