Bleisure travel has become a trend among business travelers in the recent years. Wondering what’s Bleisure? I would call it an art of synthesizing a vacation and a work trip.  Mixing pleasure with business is a dream come true for all the workaholics out there.  For people who love to travel but have a full time 9 to 5 jobs on their head, vacation remains only a far-fetched fantasy. But Bleisure can make all your (travel) fantasies come true, while you work.

So this time you go on a business trip, don’t forget to pack your tanning lotion and make some space for that dust ridden camera.

Here is how you can make your tiresome work trip, a fabulous luxury vacation


Choose an ideal location – Some business travelers have the power and luxury to choose the location where their meeting or convention is held. So, choose a destination where you have never travelled or which is more exotic than other destinations.


Extend your trip for a few days – Extending a few days to explore the city is an ideal way to integrate fun in the work trip. So take a few extra days or schedule your meetings around the weekends so you have time to roam around and explore the city.

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Visit Museums/Popular Places – Visiting local museums and popular sight-seeing places will instantly make you feel like you are on a vacation. So kick your laptop and go out whenever you get a chance.


Don’t eat in – Eating inside your hotel room seems like the most convenient thing when on a work trip. But eating out in a local restaurant is the best way to explore the city. You can try local cuisines and discover some hidden food gems while you ‘work’.


Take advantage of the hotel’s facilities – You can go to the spa at your hotel and chill in the pool when you are done with your business meetings. Rejuvenation on a business trip? These things are what dreams are made of.  So next time you find yourself having pain in the neck, don’t just take a painkiller, instead go and relax at the fancy spa.

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Local Bars and Pubs – Don’t settle for the bar at your hotel if you need a drink. Go to a local bar. This gives you a chance to interact with more interesting people and experience the night-life of the city. Local bars and pubs can be a great option if you really want to get away from the work environment and forget about the deadlines at least for a few hours.


Click Pictures – Clicking pictures can instantly make you feel like a tourist and you’ll be able to see the city from the eyes of a traveller. So grab your camera and go on a photography spree. You not only will discover a lot of places but also take a whole bunch of vacation memories with you. Clicking pictures will also help you up your social media game because who doesn’t want to show off and give people some vacation goals.

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Enjoy EVERY bit – You won’t be able to make your business trip a Bleisure trip unless you feel happy. So try to enjoy whatever you are doing and do things which make you happy. Take long showers, go on night walks, sketch, meet locals and don’t forget the fact that you are on a vacation only if you feel like you are on one.

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