Paulo Coelho is known for his progressive take on culture, freedom, life, spirituality and now with this, on transformation. He has a unique style of writing that is intriguing and at the same time very relatable.

Many a times in our life, we feel suicidal, we feel like giving up on life and its never-ending hurdles, when we can no longer find a way out or rather there is no longer any hope to get revived, to get to the surface. Similar thing happened with Veronica, the young woman in this story, who has suicidal tendencies, failing at which, she lands up at an asylum for ‘lunatics’. The story traverses from how the asylum that seemed like a prison to her initially became the source of motivation, of joy and most of all, of hope to her, bringing back in her the desire to live as she frees herself of all chains. People like a schizophrenic, a person whose soul can travel between people are the intriguing highlights in this story of transformation through experiences.

Exploring the theme of mental illusions through this novel, the author has highlighted the importance of living a genuine life, to experience it truly and to its fullest.




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