Being a mother gives a woman the world’s greatest happiness. A happiness which is unfathomable and divine. With the birth of an innocent infant, there comes a lot of responsibility under the umbrella of motherhood. The transformation juncture of a baby from a floppy-headed new-born to a tiny crawling capsule of joy, is prodigious in itself. Stimulating the child’s brain at this crucial phase of his growth and development is not worthy. Letting the little soul develop its senses at his own pace is essentially important. This undoubtedly helps the midget to learn things daily and get in touch with his surrounding environment. Here, comes the role of a mother who keeps her baby busy with simple activities like tracking, listening, dancing, reflections, baby sit-ups, body massage, little games, etc and this gives the baby a positive approach towards developing senses.

In between all these daily routine, being a lady also instigates the mother to look good. And, a minimal touch of accessorization is the best way to allure the womanly countenance. Henceforth, the innovation of chew-able jewelry made out of natural wood and silicone is the newest boon to the lovely mother-baby affectionate moments. These accessory items are soothing for infants as chew toys, safe for baby gums, which are available in fun shapes, sizes and varieties. Maple hardwood and food-grade silicone are the most commonly used products. Essentially, all maple hardwood accessories are hand treated with organic coconut oil and organic natural beeswax from US beekeepers. On the other hand, silicone beads are also treated as 100% food-grade, non-toxic, phthalate free, Bisphenol A (an industrial chemical that has been in use to make certain plastics and resins since 1960s) and Polyvinyl Chloride free, Toxic Risk Assessment tested, Food and Drug Administration approved, Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and Consumer Product Safety Commission complaint. Adding to better safety regulations and precautionary measures, all teething rings and toys are also made CPSIA complaint.  Another preppy combination of natural grain wood with eye-catching colors and textures of silicone beads provides the baby with pleasing and tranquilizing counter-pressure on their gums.

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Numerous designs of teething necklaces, earrings, bangles and bracelets, teething rattles and even kid’s sensory necklaces or pendants are beautifully crafted out of these materials. Adding to the variety, there are crocheted covered wooden beads tied with a cotton thread absolutely safe for babies. These fashionable pieces act as “mundane tools” and “mundane needs” as these help the babies with reducing nail biting, calming jitters, increasing attention and focus, easing anxiety, oral sensory input and fulfilling the utmost requirement to chew. The concept of chewi-gem popped in countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Belgium, etc. has outstretched its wings in the world of commercialization where fashion accessories are mostly in prominence. And, gradually with passage of time, other countries have also started working on further innovations and proficiently sound advancements in creating both mother and baby wearable pieces.

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