Dawning upon the curve of success, the health-conscious troupe working harder day and night have the common bewilderment of matching steps in the rat-race to achieve heights of success. Amongst all these, the difficulty in initiating or maintaining sound sleep surrounds people with the feeling of tiredness and exhaustion 24X7. All you need to know is how to get yourselves relieved from getting into the darkness of insomnia with these sleep-inducing foods that will keep your health up to the mark. Foods and beverages rich in calcium, vitamin B, tryptophan, magnesium, and those that boost serotonin and melatonin levels, are the best ones to consume. One of the most preferable item that can be triggered at the top of the diet list is oatmeal. Oats, high in magnesium and potassium make an absolutely perfect evening food. High in tryptophan14   and an excellent source of carbohydrates, oatmeal if consumed warm, soothing and soft induces a release of serotonin in the body, which is indicative of sleep and calming the appetite.

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Ancient ayurvedic sages have specifically mentioned some factors responsible for loss of sleep, which are increase in mental disturbance, weakness or any injury. There are numerous eatables referred in the traditional context of Ayurveda that can be consumed to support healthy sleep. These are the flesh of domestic and aquatic animals, meat of buffalo and buffalo milk, wheat, black gram, milk products like curd and ghee, fruits like grapes, preparations of jaggery and sugar and wine. Here, are some healthy items with their key ingredients in brief that are surely the life savers of people suffering from insomnia. Consumption of 300g of turkey improves sleep latency and quality. The daily intake of half cup of pumpkin seeds and one cup of cooked leafy greens is also very helpful. Whole milk is potential in controlling melatonin production as it is a great source of calcium. It is also rich in amino acid which has a calming effect on the body. “Moon milk” is the pretty drink in trend that helps a lot to fall asleep.

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Adding to the list, cottage cheese is perfect for consumption before bed as it contains slow-digesting casein proteins that distributes amino acids to the muscle tissues. It helps the brain use the tryptophan to manufacture sleep-triggering melatonin. Yogurt is rich in magnesium and vitamins B12 and B5 which induces sleep easily. Magnesium enhances secretion of melatonin from pineal gland and prevents nervousness. Vitamin B12 prevents confusion, dementia and fatigue and B5 helps in reducing stress and anxiety. Dried prunes are high in magnesium 18 which again helps in regularizing the sleep wake cycle. Kiwi, avocado, bananas, walnuts, almonds, lettuce leaves, tart cherry and germinated brown rice are also such food items that boost the immune system, lowers blood pressure and treats anxiety disorders providing a sleep-prolonging effect. There are also three types of herbal teas which are chamomile, passionfruit and valerian having mild sedative and anxiolytic effect with medicinal properties beneficial for insomnia. Apart from all these, establishing a bedtime routine to prepare the mind and body for sleep as well as including an ayurvedic oil massage as part of the wellness plan is essential. Work is important but health is always the wealth to be preserved and taken care of to maintain the level of quality work.



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