The backward classes though rejected on the ground of acceptance for multiple things in India are the main pivots to the large mass of Indian practitioners of numerous craft activities. A lot of stories have been weaved out of crafts, scripts and calligraphy till date. Promoting interest and felicitation in the diverse regional scripts of India by bringing the pulchritude into the public consciousness is a great job done by many eminent writers, researchers, art enthusiasts, artists, etc. India’s creative power marvels its regional scripts in different applications through varied skills and the usage of calligraphy in the design praxis to motivate the nonliterates in order to embrace literacy, exploring the idea of art within the written word is a one of its kind. Here is a list of the topmost Indian handcrafted scripting that are exclusive showcase of the rich diverse culture from all across our motherland –

  1. Kalighat painting – These are scenes created, rooted in the culture of Bengal around the daily chores of the rural women with scrolls enjoying the play of light shining via words and painted figurines.
  2. Stone carving – Engraving artistic patterns with textual formats always adds to a heightened positive emphasis of literary sources to the public and art admirers. Artists engrave lathe-turned Muguni stone pieces with poetic messages as a mode of art-influenced literature.
  3. Sanjhi – It is a type of stencil-style papercutting derived from the religious ceremonials associated with the tradition of Radha and Krishna. This art is a responsibility of the communities of goldsmiths of Uttar Pradesh. The introduction of calligraphy and script has opened a new design avenue for the artists having wealth of manuscripts and songs associated with the Radha and Krishna folklores.
  4. Kalamkari – A form of textile decoration from the land of Andhra Pradesh that deals with treatment on cloth pieces with elaborate dyeing practices. This art form transcripts the calligraphic patterns with other rich patterns of flora and fauna.
  5. Brocade weaving – The mulberry silk plays the magical role in making of the finest scripted woven silk sarees. Scripts from Uttar Pradesh in Devanagiri are the brocaded motifs which are the main highlights of such type of rich handloom.
  6. Shibori – Bodhi or Tibetan script is typically used by Buddhist communities in major regions of Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh to West Bengal. Its elegant letters lend themselves to calligraphy that is angular rather than rounded. The combination of running stitch embroidery and dyeing with the concept of framing scripts in the craft is an exclusivity to the world of decorative lettering.

    source : google images

Apart from these top listed crafts letting calligraphy meet handicraft, a lot of other handicrafts say Phad paintings, Mithila paintings, handloom weaving and embroidery, Kangra paintings, Papier mache, hand painted pottery, hand block printing, wall writing, bidriware, copper work, kavad paintings, ikat weaving, etc. have been also experimented in various ways to give light to the primped beauty of Indian manuscripts and literary physiognomy.


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