Ever imagined a space where you can have two lives? I have four.  I have a glamorous life, a social one, one in which i am an outspoken person and one in which i am myself. But who am I? Do i remember myself? I don’t know anymore.

Summers remind me of the times when i had just one life. Reminds me of the sweet smell of mango chutney, reminds me of the endless afternoons spent with my grandmother and the short evenings which were a frenzy and spent in cycle races and stealing fruits from some stranger’s orchard. It was simple then. It’s different now. I get to be a lot of people at once. Not too sure how i should feel about it! I feel as if I don’t belong here but still something just drags me here and now I am stuck. Is it justified if i don’t have as happening a life as my Instagram handle? Is it fair that I have no one to tell my darkest secrets  but I can be online till 2 a.m. in the night. Will it be too much to ask for a love which I can find handy, packed and parceled to me via net? Is it betrayal if I mask myself under the vibrant shades of social media? A lot of questions float in my mind. A lot of queries are unresolved. None of them gets sorted and in the end  the thing that remains with me is that I can be what I want to be on social media platforms. I have a medium to reach out to people is what I tell myself when my voice is muted in the surroundings. I have the world on my doorstep is how I console myself, lying in an empty room all by myself.

I know social media is a daily need now but it’s addiction is a choice. It should not be seeped so deep into you skin that it takes over your life. It should not leave you in a dilemma of what is real and what is not. It should not force you to lose your identity. The ethics of social media gets completely subjective after a limit. All you have to ponder upon is to what extent would you allow yourself to get under it’s influence. How much would you let it seep in to save yourself from the disaster that it brings as a complimentary token of good-will?



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