Hindu nationalists have attracted a lot of paparazzi lately. They have been dealing with serious issues such as changing names of entertainment pieces, burning posters and trying  to send people to another nation altogether. The interest of Hindu sena in the showbiz does not limit itself to the national entertainment industry but has found its way to the global entertainment industry.

The recent news that has been revolving around the Indian actor Priyanka Chopra has gained attention of the people all around the globe. Apparently the T.V series Quantico portrayed a F.B.I agent (played by Priyanka Chopra) using holy Hindu beads as an evidence to recognize the plotter as an “Indian Nationalist” who tried to implant a bomb in New York and frame Pakistan as the culprit, during a peace summit. Although it is quite clear that the T.V series is a work of fiction yet the amount of vehement opposition received by Priyanka Chopra makes it quite evident that this minute detail has been  blatantly ignored. ABC studios have apologized to the people and have also stated that

“The episode has stirred a lot of emotion, much of which is unfairly aimed at Priaynka Chopra, who didn’t create the show, nor does she write or direct it”

Although ABC studios have made it quite clear that Priyanka Chopra is not to be blamed here yet Hindu sena has been questioning her nationalist sentiments and have been blaming her for being a supporter of Pakistan and their terrorist sentiments. Priyanka Chopra has apologized through her tweet.

Moreover, statements were also made regarding that the show features people from different ethnicities and backgrounds and the intention was not to hut the sentiments of anyone. It has also been stated that ABC studios regret stepping into the such a complex political issues.

All things stated and analysed there are a few issues that have to be acknowledged here.  The fact that the ratings of Quantico has been declining makes it an aspect that such a sensitive and misleading topic has been portrayed to improve the ratings of the series which is supposed to be called off after the end of the third season. Others have been putting this incident under the light which accuses the show of giving wrong information about India which has never had a record of meddling with security issues or nuclear proliferation.  Whereas on the other hand  Pakistan has been evidently related to terrorism. Misleading the people with such bizarre information will surely be unacceptable if the national sentiments of the country are taken into account. But if we look at another aspect of the whole scenario, a question will be raised that why is Priyanka Chopra being attacked by the Hindu sena? Why are her posters being burnt and why are there demands for her citizenship to be cancelled? It has to be accepted here that actors are easy targets. While analyzing the situation and before blaming Priyanka Chopra for anything we should keep in mind that she is merely performing a role and that she, in no possible way, has written either the script or the dialogues of the show. The ferocious opposition of the actor almost victimizes her in this situation. Although being a representative of India on international platforms, she has a responsibility to assure her country as well her fans that she would try not be a part of such projects which portray her country under misleading and wrong lights.

Due to the debate regarding such situations being mere acts of fiddling with facts or should they be termed as acts which enjoy their fictional freedom, the artists suffer the most. It is true that misleading facts should not be acceptable on grounds of fictional freedom yet the overreaction of the protesters and the foolish arguments made by them should not be entertained either. The actors should be saved from being victims and violent actions of the protesters should not be justified in any case.  The situations should be looked at logically rather than being analysed under an emotional drive. I hope that Priyanka Chopra is more careful about her decisions in the time to come as being a public figure her image is obviously altered after such controversies.


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