It has been more than a century and we humans still can’t be more in love with our Denims. It’s probably the only trend which has lasted so long and has never gone out of style. Whether it’s a Fancy affair or a day spent camping in the woods, Jeans are your constant companion, a best friend who you can rely-on, on your worst days. And the best part, they come in different shapes, colors and sizes.
So, here is a list of the most popular and trendy jeans that we all have seen and worn.

Boyfriend Jeans – These are probably the current favorite in every girl’s wardrobe. Super comfortable and stylish, these got the name because they look like you borrowed these jeans from your boyfriend because of the casual and slightly baggy fit. Boyfriend Jeans are fit on the waist and hips and broaden as they go down. Favorite among women who are curvy and have a pear shaped body type; these jeans have been seen sporting by everyone these days.

Flared Jeans – Falling somewhere between Boot-cut and Bell-bottoms, Flared Jeans are the talk of the town as they made a stellar come-back and are now trending everywhere. These jeans flare down from your knee and are a favorite among tall and curvy women.

Skinny Jeans – These jeans are favorite among people who love to flaunt their legs. As the name suggests, these jeans are skinny and take the shape of your legs, so if you want to show off your sexy legs without showing off any skin then go for skinny jeans.

Jeggings – If you have a thing for ‘Best of both worlds’, then Jeggings are the perfect choice for you. These are a blend of leggings and denims. You can treat them like either; wear them with a cute top or a blazer. They have a waist band instead of the usual buttons, which makes them the right choice for a hustle-free day. These are also very popular among pregnant women because of the button-free element.

Straight Cut – Falling between skinny and boyfriend jeans, these are perfect for people who want to wear skinny jeans but are too conscious to wear them. These jeans have a classic look and never go out of style. You can pair them with as many different types of tops and shirts as you want. The versatility of these jeans make them the ultimate choice for everyone.

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