A kid or an adult or be it anyone from any age group, one thing that binds all of them together is music. To satisfy the cravings of diverse listeners, there exist a range of diverse artists who produce incredible stuff. Lately, Bollywood music seems to overload with vulgar Punjabi Rap songs and offensive item songs to women. Like everybody else, we find ourselves a bit bored as well with all the nagging dhik-chik. So, to satisfy my craving for quality homemade music with a slight touch of Indian to it and something different than the usual Bollywood tunes, I   started a little research of my own. A show such as Coke Studio has always been my outcome to the search for soulful music. Almost everybody finds themselves captured in the melodious charms produced out of the tunes at MTV Coke Studio.

A list of similar shows like MTV Coke Studio itself is something worth telling all the music lovers out there, and here I share with you the outcome of my research for other shows of the same kind, Have a look,


1. The Dewarists

This incredible show comes out of the idea of discovering heartfelt music with the help of inspiring themes, one such theme being travel. Everything from a ‘Nucleya’ number with a melodious twist by ‘Shruti Pathak’ to the stellar voices of Lucky Ali and ‘Vishal Dadlani overpowering your musical senses–the four seasons of The Dewarists was a complete delight. Inspired by great poets like Amir Khusro, Kabir, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, the show includes not only tracks but also poetry recitals. What else one can wish for in the name of overwhelming music.


2. Sound Trippin

Another masterpiece aligned with the theme of travel is the show Sound Trippin, where Sneha Khanwalker(the director for season one) travels to ten different cities and produce a different kind of sound out of each one of them.  The iconic Tung Tung was a gift of this show itself. Its second season featured Nulceya and Karsh Kale lending a part of their musical prowess to the show.


3.  The stage

This show had a different kind of charm to it. It aimed to discover the English music talent in India. ‘The Stage’ aired at Colors Infinity and was able to lure everyone around in its magic. The show was judged by Vishal Dadlani, Monica Dogra, Ehsaan Noorani, and Devraj Sanyal.


4.  Coke Studio Pakistan

The twin brother of coke studio India is Coke Studio Pakistan; only it produces even better songs than the Indian version. An entire collection of songs ranging from Sufi, classical, Ghazals and many more, Coke Studio Pakistan is an absolute delight to our ears. There is no argument to the fact that Pakistani music artists tend to touch our souls with a different genre of melody.


5. Sound Trek

Are you a fan of the 70s’ era and their songs too? If you are one, then this show is the right choice for you. A show devoted to converting classic 70s’ songs into modified uptempo tunes. Running your ears into nostalgia, Fox India airs one of the maestros of the music industry. It takes you on a musical journey of the golden era with an exciting twists given by artists like Uday Benegal, Hard Kaur, Paroma P Dasgupta, among several others.

Don’t forget to dig on youtube and listen to each one of them and enjoy the melodies yourself. Meanwhile, we will keep you updated with such uncommon information about music and other interesting topics as well.



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