Mumbai is a city which has always fought back and risen in spirit. The city has survived huge miss happenings with a smile on face. The city has given us reasons to believe that Mumbai is not restricted to long traffic ques and over the populated crowd as yet again the city has proved its warmth by welcoming and feeding estimated 35,000 farmers who came marching 180 km from Nasik.

Religious groups, political parties, resident welfare associations and a large number of individuals came up on the roads to feed the protesting farmers. An entire truck loaded with food has been bought and accompanying the farmers containing food that will last another four days. The protest has been organized in order to demand loan waivers, better crop prices, implementation of Forest Rights act etc.


At various points, urban and rural residents also came in support of farmers supplying them water. After farmers reached Mumbai, even certain groups came out in open distributing poha and biscuits. Water tankers were arranged in case farmers need more water.  Not only this, a gathering in Jogeshwari in the city’s western rural areas have begun a call for nationals to give footwear for the marchers.

The Maharashtra government has guaranteed to meet the protesters at 2 pm at Azad Maidan, where they are as of now staying. On the off chance that the administration does not acknowledge their requests, Gujar stated, the marchers will then unquestionably proceed onward to Vidhan Sabha. The way in which farmers acted — without upsetting the lives of different natives and abstaining from forceful sloganeering — isn’t the way Indians protesters behave.

Image Source : The Munsif Daily

What is commendable in the whole scenario is Mumbaikars coming out and supporting the protesting farmers with open arms providing them basic necessities timely from food, water to footwear. Moved by deep humbleness shown by farmers, Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra accepted all the demands of farmers.

A committee will be set up to hand over forest land used for farming, to tribals and farmers if they submit a proof of pre-2005 land cultivation. However, Fadnavis said it is not feasible to meet the demand for loan waiver.


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