A musician makes the therapy way better than a chemist or a psychiatrist. Thinking about music is pretty much equivalent to daydreaming, seeing life from a new angle, maybe a better one. Music is such a soulful and powerful abstract that has the capability of entertaining, healing sorrows, inspiring and changing the outlook. The influence of music has been elevated to the visual realm in this 21st century leaving the age of cassettes and music players. The feel is richer now and the mood to accept the waves of possibilities have bashed the shores of innovation with greater force. Here, is the list of five topmost music video trends to be essentially noted by the creatives this 2018 to get indulged into more of dedication and liveliness along with traversing the elements of the branded content.

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  1. Resurgence of music videos – Accessibility and shareability is the biggest boon to platforms of music videos giving artists more power over their brand. Reports say 57.1 billion video streams out of 118 billion total streaming online have become the essential content through these services. It was for the first time in 1983 that the release of MJ’s ‘Thriller’ showcased artistic and branding possibilities of the format in the music industry.
  2. Usage of commentary – Concerned with social equality, the world of advertising is now known for cause-based spending. Henceforth, stuff like Video Music Award for Best Video with a Social Message, launched by MTV in 2011 has increased the chances of exploring social issues to benefit the brands. Even the artists and labels have taken this note seriously to be launch exemplary pieces of outstanding music albums.

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  3. Embracing the frame story – A character addressing the audience directly by being aware of getting in a fiction is the trending craze. Engrossing the viewers by the follies than the original concept is the way to put the story within another story to give the project depth.
  4. Best ones use long takes – Best long takes are meant for enhancing the theme story, creating suspense and maintaining the illusion of realism along with valuable elements. This way the audience become more invested in the artist and it is here, where authenticity comes into play.
  5. Wrapping up well – Several web platforms are the pillars spreading and holding brand awareness at an out of the box thinking strategy. The mission is beyond music as the world needs more knowledgeable insights right now. Turing the ideas into reality through proper composed work, lyrical values and the dramatic energetic tunes are all the current delight, supported with strong advertising tools and numerous outlets for both the social and political discourse.

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