Why should we even consider women for driving cabs?  Why should we trust them with the routes, the traffic rules or even the sense of direction? It’s not as if they can drive a cab using a GPS. They are simply not expected to know that. All that women are supposed to do is to trust men when it comes to driving, get into a cab and then very blatantly file a lawsuit against the cab drivers for assaulting them (we should not fall into their trap of lies though). I am a staunch believer that women do not have a place in this male monopolized industry.  


Let’s bring out the numbers. If you stand in support of women on this matter, the statistics will make sure that you support my argument.  The population of women being roughly around 48% makes them an insignificant part of the society, the huge differences in the literacy rates makes their opinion worthless and the 29% of labour participation rate of women against 80.7% of men diminishes the need of their employment. If you are not satisfied by these numeric arguments, let me cite a few instances. The assault of women by cab drivers, the constant threat experienced by women in using the cab at late hours, the demand of women to raise their standard in the society and their cry for a ‘fairly equal’ community should obviously be enough to give us reasons to stand against such an outrageous act of women driving cabs.

why are they not better than male cab drivers?

Although studies show that females are better drivers than men but we should obviously try to avoid the facts as they can be hazardous to our school of thought. Studies show that 1% of women but 14% of men cut into traffic dangerously while 24% of men but only 16% of women are admitted to using hand-held mobiles. If we talk about courtesy on the road, women head the edge with 39% always polite to the other drivers, compared to just 28% of men. But who likes the roads without the rash driving, the constant abusing and the frequent accidents. Life won’t be fun then, will it? After all the routine drama we get to see back and forth between home and work should not be altered.

resources helping men monopolize this industry.

A shout out to these resources which are constantly stopping women to make a place in the cab industry. Even though organisations like ‘Sakha’, ‘She cabs’ and ‘Priyadarshini taxi services’ are trying very hard to bring about a change but the lack of funds and investors are making it difficult for them to be steady in this business let alone enlarge it. Moreover, it is due to these reasons that the women driven cabs are more expensive than other such services which contributes to their lack  of popularity in the business.

After being aware of the facts about how women do not belong in the cab industry, our stereotypical belief that women cannot be good drivers is only solidified. No matter how hard they try to prove themselves let us all get together and put down all their efforts by being judgmental of their work. Oh wait, that’s what we have been doing, right?




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