Feels good to be focussed, right? It’s time you change the settings and get a panoramic view of Indian women around the globe. As tempting as the glamour world might be but we need to recognize the efforts of women in other spheres as well.  The stereotypes revolving around Indian women is stops a large part of Indian population from regarding the efforts of women around the globe. But how can a country which still cannot approve of giving equal standards to the women come to terms with women acing in the silicon valley and academics which are supposed to be monopolized by men.

why should we know them?

Yes, it is necessary to answer that question. For a nation where half of the population is striving hard to gain a position in the society, it becomes quite an obligation to answer this question. It is to be considered that if a person of our nationality is being recognized on global standards we should appreciate their individuality and the efforts that they are putting in to gain it.  Indian women are making themselves spaces in areas where quite sadly not a lot of women have recognizable positions. Moreover, their efforts should be magnified as they not only overcome the gender bias but also make way through the racial bias in a different nation. Such personalities might not be surrounded by all the glamour and glitz but their lives are no less inspiring. They are not only intellectuals but are also inspirational in their own ways.


Padmasree Warrior, a woman of Indian origin is at a top position in the silicon valley. Besides having a degree from the infamous IIT Delhi and Cornell she also stands as a notable exception in the silicon valley where she became the CTO in Cisco Systems and Executive Veep at Motorola in 2003.  Next up in the queue is Alka Banerjee famously known as the queen of the equity cult. She is the Managing Director of strategy and global equity  indices at S&P Dow Jones Indices, which keeps her engaged in frequent overseas travel.  Entrepreneurs like Rashmi Sinha have not only bagged several PhDs  but has also excelled in her career. Another influencer beyond work is Gargee Ghosh. She is the director of Development Policy and Finance at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She is also known for her work in devising innovative ways to financing vaccines for the poor. Listing her achievements might not even be close to glorifying her works for the society. Ranji Nagaswami, Bairavi Desai, Indra Nooyi, Geeta Menon, Zulekha  Daud, Shalini Shelly Kapoor Collins, Freida Pinto, the list is endless. It is almost surprising that a lot of people have been ignorant for so long and it is almost overwhelming to finally recognize the women of our nation who are doing so well in the world out there.

Such personalities are not demanding their recognition because they are aware of their individuality and are confident about the work that they have done. But it is our responsibility as Indian citizens to not only appreciate such strong personalities and get inspired by them but also to support such personalities. We need to shift our focus and need to have a wider look at the global situations out there because paparazzi cannot capture all of it and it should not be an excuse for our ignorance.


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