Should we drop our arms or pull the trigger?

Should we hold the hands or draw a dagger?

Should we call it a truce or suppression?

What is it?

It has been a battle, a bloody one, between these two ideologies. We have been trying to figure out as to which of the two is better for a long time now. Even the conclusion resulting from millions of debates leads to a question: Which method of restoring peace is better? The answer to this, you ask? None yet.

India as a country finds itself in the middle of this debate quite a lot of times on account of its relations with the neighboring friend-enemy  nation, Pakistan. Recently, the call for a ceasefire during the pious month of Ramadan has raised a lot of those doddery dusty questions.  But what are we supposed to do when the public interest and the political and defense strategies do not overlap? Well, welcome to world enveloped in dilemma. Welcome to the real world. Nothing comes handy here, nothing comes with an explanation and every situation can be categorized as subjective. This is not how the conditions are, this is what our lifestyle is now.

While the opposition is putting all the logical questions regarding the decision of ceasefire on the table, the sentimental aspect revolving around the lives of the Kashmiri people should also be considered. On one hand there are important questions as to what would happen if there is a terrorist attack in the meanwhile, how can India trust the terrorists and how can the government even think of a ceasefire when it’s unilateral while on the other hand we have the people of Kashmir and the acting government who obviously are deeming this action as a call for peace. The people are relieved that at last they would have a life without the constant threat of their daily life being disrupted in any way, even if it’s for a month. But what if there is an attack ? Although the army is permitted to retaliate yet there might be a of loss of many lives. But if someone does not extend a hand of peace how will anyone ever achieve it? One might never be able to escape this devilish snare of  the never-ending questions.

Peace is a question. It’s almost a trap now. It will tempt you towards itself but will let you drown in a vortex of questions. It won’t allow you to escape and will leave you wandering in search of the right solution.




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