Hindi film Industry has an age-old tradition of delivering commercially successful blockbusters now and then. We may criticize or crib about same old slapstick formula masala movies, but we still flock to cinema theatres whenever a big superstar film is released.  But, Bollywood is not restricted to only masala movies as we can see how some quality films with amazing stories are made but are unable to grab the desired attention due to lack of marketing gimmicks or less popular star cast. We have compiled a list of Bollywood movies that are worth watching and should be recognized globally :


Rajkumar Rao won hearts in this movie with his natural acting skills, the movie could not make it to Oscars ‘Best Foreign Language Film’ category, but the movie is no doubt one of the best Bollywood movies ever made.


The cinematography being so spotlessly inspiring, Masaan describes the aesthetics of storytelling that Indian Filmmakers must follow. With such brilliant characters and realistic locations, Masaan is a movie that thoroughly deserves to be recognized.


Incredible performances, powerful and symbolic, Ankhon Dekhi is sheer brilliance. Rajat Kapoor’s Ankhon Dekhi is one of the precious cinema that shouldn’t be miss. Sanjay Mishra yet again delivers a flawless performance.


A story about dreams, desire, and growing maturity, Udaan is a classic that should have been a blockbuster. The movie is intense yet enjoyable with breath-taking performances. With a strong emotional connect and characters so believable, Udaan is one movie that is a must watch for everyone.


A powerful tale of two women who are bounded by the quest of love, Dor is undoubtedly one of the best Bollywood creations. Cinematography and screenplay are awe-inspiring. The characters, storyline move us to a great extent.


An exceptional movie that can make every filmmaker proud, Black Friday is unique and impeccable. Without exotic locations, high profile actors the movie speaks for itself. Black Friday is one of the greatest masterpieces of cinematic magic Bollywood can ever have.


With a story so gripping, Shahid grabs your attention from the very beginning. Remarkable cast and brilliant concept, it is like a breath of fresh air amidst commercial mainstream cinema. Shahid is an extraordinary thought of a filmmaker.


With exciting yet straightforward plot, Nagesh Kukunnor believes in making cinema which is intelligent and sensible. Highly inspirational, Iqbal is a classic natural movie which is worth a watch.

From the list, it is quite clear that Hindi film industry is a unique blend of creativity and some masterpieces have evolved from its roots. It is high time that more of such films should be made with a fantastic concept.



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