Let nothing stop you from enjoying the summers. Let not the sun take away all the buzz that you’ve planned for the season. Sunburn? Not even that can stop you from feeling the exhilarated in summers.  Anything that could be worse than a sunburn is no summers at all. You might be aware of various methods to save yourself from getting a sunburn but here are a few ways to help you convert your sunburn to a gorgeous tan.  What is better than a charismatic tan in summers?

It’s a simple procedure which consists of three parts:

  • Cool your skin_The easiest way to cool the skin is to apply something cool on it.  Applying a bag of ice is the simplest method. Another method is to have a cool shower. Applying cucumber on the irritated skin also cools the skin and even moisturizes it. Rubbing Aloe Vera gel on the reddened sunburned areas on experiencing pain also helps.
  • Heal your skin_Applying steroid ointment in an interval of few hours helps healing and treating your skin. A tea bath might also do wonders. The tannic acids present in the black tea prevents from you problems like skin peeling.  An extremely helpful yet odd method to heal a sunburned skin is an oatmeal bath. It heals the skin by maintaining it’s pH level and by reducing irritation and itchiness. A vinegar spray after a cool bath also helps in healing the skin by maintaining its pH.
  • Moisturize your skin_Applying a gentle hypoallergenic moisturizer is the most basic approach for this part. To keep the skin in best condition enough water should be drunk on a regular basis. To prevent peeling of the skin with the cheapest method possible is by applying whole milk on the skin. Applying potato paste and coconut oil on the skin are other methods which can help moisturizing your skin.

Although the methods might be helpful to a great extent yet a lot of things depend on your skin type. Anyway, for majority of people the methods not only heals your sunburned skin but also converts it to an exotic tan. So don’t let your summers be disastrous by a mere sunburn. Go out and embrace the sun.


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