While people are criticizing Ekta Kapoor  for bashing the youtuber PewDiePie and engaging herself in a one-sided twitter fight, I would like to take a stand for her. Being an Indian I believe that it is my duty to take a stand for my people when “firang junior artists” are way too “obsessed” with the Indian television and the “Indian people Facebook

I will completely disregard the humour extracted by the youtuber from the overly dramatic scenes in the Indian soap opera.  What even is the point of watching television when you can’t find superior level edits, camera zooming in almost a thousand times in thirty seconds, sad music to cover up the laughable acting skills and a plot that goes nowhere. I reprimand the youtuber to be amused by things which collectively strive to present a quality content on the Indian television.

What is more disappointing is that the youtuber cannot overcome his obsession with the Indian people and also attacked the innocent Indians who express themselves on social media. What is there to criticize if a person who is so horny that he doesn’t care about being shameless, writes a few provocative comments? I feel that being a part of democracy we all have the right to speech and obviously why should we consider the fact that any public, political or national sentiments should not be hurt by our speech. I believe that they should also start a twitter feud even if it’s is one-sided.  After all that is what we should do. Raging over social media and gaining attention for things that either don’t concern us or are just witty criticisms is totally justified.

I totally express my sympathy towards Ekta Kapoor for engaging herself in a one-sided banter over a topic that did not even concern her. Moreover, I vehemently look down upon (because I’m too naive to start a fight) PewDiePie to provide us with “good quality” humour.



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