Hats have been a very complicated part of the western culture. From adorning the heads to framing the faces, hats  have been close to the hearts of women. They have been evolving through the years while keeping the ethnicity right into focus.  The grace brought about by adding even a minimalistic hat to the attire is impeccable. The best place to sight world’s most stylish hats in all its grandeur are the Royal  functions. They never fail to surprise us. The much talked about occasion of 2018, the Royal wedding of Price Harry and Meghan Markle had all the celebrities and the Royalties in their best of vogue.

We might be completely awed by their attires but the thing which stole the show were the hats. There were obviously a few disappointments but that should not let our focus shift from all the breathtakingly beautiful hat trends. Here is a list of seven people who attended the Royal wedding who displayed the best of the hat fashion.

  • KATE MIDDLETON _ The flowery details  on the cream hatinator reflects the simple yet chick style carried off beautifully by the duchess.
  • AMAL CLOONEY_The beautiful hat worn by her grabbed a lot of attention due its  astonishing mustard colour. In no way is it subtle yet it has elegance dripping all over it through the intricate embellishments embedded in the short veil of the fascinator.
  • PRIYANKA CHOPRA _The international Indian star made all eyes turn to herself due to her stunning lavender headdress. The Philip Treacy headpiece was a perfect mix of a contemporary shape with ultra feminine colour and details according to designers. It cannot be denied that her hat simply echoed her sense of fashion in all possible sense.
  • VICTORIA BECKHAM_The netted fascinator adorned by her had the subtle colours which did not hesitate to speak out the sumptuous sense of fashion of Victoria. The neatly drawn back hair lets the fascinator shine in its full grandeur with simplicity.
  • CAMILLA, THE DUCHESS OF CORNWALL_The extravagant feathers on the fascinator of the duchess personify grandeur and elegance at its best. The breathtaking hat was surely a representation of the Royalty and their magnificence.
  • KITTY SPENSER_She decided to go for something super-chic and stylish. The minute detail of the feather and the short veil with the astonishing green colour totally complimented her.
  • OPRAH WINFREY_If you want to see what a lavish and unique hat is, you should see what Oprah was wearing as her headpiece to the wedding.

Hats have been and will always be special. Although the culture is not prevalent in India yet we are charmed by just looking at these hats. They are a reflection to a person’s sense of fashion and their personality as a whole. It’s not as if we are there to judge either but instead we can just be amused by them and their beauty.


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