A healthy disregard for the impossible sometimes lead up to the most amazingly crafted innovation that speaks up in volume about uniqueness, user-friendly qualities, inclination towards acceptability and an optimistic advancement and progression in between the realm of reality and virtual world. The high end technically sound interfaces and mediums are dot at work in the present scenario to invent something new. As this newness yells in depth with the shriek pitch of latest web technologies, human mind is also eventually getting accustomed to all this goodness in the name of technological advancements welcoming the digital age at a larger scale. Trending web technologies with its latest countenance is overwhelming the techno-sector ruling the minds of the intellectuals so far. Here, we are highlighting the top six web diaries coated with stories of successful business plans that are submerging deep into the digital market.

JAVA SCRIPT – It is the attention seeker amongst the users of programming language and is very frequent in the use of web development, adding a lot more meaning to the dynamism and interactive elements of websites. Its syntax is more similar to C and is commonly based on ECMAScript which is an initial innovation by the Sun Microsystems. The outstanding part of its availability resides in the fact that its source code is processed by the client’s web browser rather than on the web server.

SINGLE PAGE APPLICATION – SPA is capable enough to interact with the user by dynamically rewriting the current page instead of loading an entire new page from a server. It is remarkable for making the application behave more like a desktop application involving dynamic communication with the web server behind the scenes.

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PROGRESSIVE WEB APPS – PWAs are the fresh pieces in chain of Android Instant Apps for the next advancement in web-mobile apps genre after the Responsive web design. It is slaying the ways of extending mobile first approach to encompass user engagement and user defined experiences which deliberately also provides features identical to native-app when viewed on any device. With all its modern web capabilities, it improves the browsing experience making things faster and streamlined site.

MOTION UI – It lit up the beneficiary factor by helping users to understand the solution by showing them what actually happens after a certain action. It basically guides the user’s eye into the action’s destination. It is the finest methodological approach with different transitions of leaving the old user interface and progressing to a newer one.

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BOTS (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE) – Popularly coined as “internet bot”, it is a kind of software application running automated tasks both simple and structurally repetitive over the Internet. Its whole web is circumscribed within IM and IRC, social bots, commercial and malicious bots as well as helpful bots.

BLOCKCHAIN – Designed as a decentralized technology, it is apt in jointly managing the database that records Bitcoin transactions. It allows digital information to be distributed but not copied. This was originally devised for the digital currency ‘Bitcoin’, but now is making profits in the business in leaps and bounds.

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